TongChouHui TCH is an international leading crowdfunding with comprehensive capabilities, the member of China Securities Industry Association and listed enterprises of E board in Shanghai Equity Exchange (code: 100257). TCH present the innovative source crowdfunding which provide various resources of sales channel, management team and development capital for small and medium sized enterprises.

TCH now has over 100 on-line projects and more than 400,000 astute investors with investment intention over RMB 350,000,000. TCH has established subsidiaries in cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing etc. as well as offices in Australia, US, Japan, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, Holland etc., in which subsidiary companies is already or are to be established soon. The Bige Chessboard- a crowdfunding accelerator to be promoted by TCH soon , will surely open a new epoch for industrial development.

Shanghai Samemeaning Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Online Comprehensive Crowdfunding Platform
Crowdfunding platform not only bridges projects and investors, but also realizes and outgrows value through interaction and sharing for participants.

Founding Partners

Founding Partners



What we do?

TCC is committed to build the most secure and efficient domestic crowdfunding platform

The biggest revolution in crowdfunding history - Raising Resources! For example:
  • Raise Technology
  • Raise Business Model
  • Raise Policy
  • Raise Sales Channel
  • Raise Land
  • Raise People
  • Raise Intelligence

Crowd Funding Models