Case Studies

Case Study (Equity) - Shanghai An Ze Investment Development Ltd

T Monkey - Typical Traditional Trustable Established in 2013, Shanghai An Ze Investment Development Ltd is building the first mobile e-commerce platform of typical traditional trustable for tourists via social sharing in China-T Monkey, partnering with Time-honored Brand Association, Commerce Commission, Agriculture Commission, Tourism Bureau, colleges in all provinces, setting up warehousing center and service specialists in all provincial capital cities, to form the largest nation-wide O2O platform of traditional trustable.

Leading Investor: WU Tianxin

Benefits for Owner: Guiding the company to capital market, leveraging capital to grow the company into the leading brand in vertical ecommerce market of traditional specialty.

Comments: This project features good concept, prototyped business model, recognition of channel partners and customers, proper valuation. When this round of investment is funded, business can cover business hotel chains in China, laying foundation for the dream, the biggest O2O platform of traditional trustable. Company's valuation will have substantial room for appreciation.

Funding Completion: financing over the target on the spot

Case Study (Equity) - Shanghai YYWH Investment Management Ltd

Inguo Shanghai YYWH Investment Management Ltd Affiliated Brand Inguo, is the most famous, influential brand of Black Wolfberry on Internet, with rich forms of products, based on resources of origin land, technical strengths of R&D, rigorous QA system and fancy package. The brand keeps leading the market, offering fans frequent updated products via various channel by mobile social media communication and branding.

Leading Investor: Shanghai Yangtze Joint Holding

Benefits for Owner: All-around marketing promotion

Comment on Team: More than excellent

Comment on Project: Beautiful

Case Study (Equity) - Lao Sui Yuan Shao-mai Restaurant

Lao Sui Yuan Shao-mai Restaurant Lao Sui Yuan Shao-mai Restaurant, famous inner-mongolia cuisine, featuring with Shao-mai, local dumpling with rich variants, quality ingredient and unique flavor, and covering low-end to high end customers with different price levels. For volume and quality, the LSY Restaurant sets up central kitchen, distribution center, and semi-finished food processing center, for standardized operation. In recent years, LSY is growing its scale steadily, and building strengths on uniqueness, brand and chain operation.

Leading Investor: LI Bo

Case Study (Product) - Rosemary Essence for Elites

Rosemary Essence for Elites Established in July of 2001, South Guizhou Longhai Specialty Plants Development Ltd, is a innovative tech company, specialized in introducing, domesticating, planting, developing and selling special high value plants. Now the company has signed plantation agreement on 3,000Mu (200 Hectares)land, and owns 10,000Mu (670 Ha) land for rosemary, which is going to be expanded to 5-80,000Mu (3,350-5,360 Ha). As the biggest and enduring Rosemary company in China, Longhai has developed various forms of products, like essential oil, tea and hydrolat etc. On July 31st, 2014, Longhai was listed on Shanghai Equity Exchange

Within one month, this project was crowd-funded by 419 investors with value of RMB32,013.

Case Study (Product) - I-Ching Imprint Book

Global Limited Edition 200 sets I-Ching Imprint Book is limited edition of book through inscription rubbing on 100 pieces of Qingtian Chop Stone, on which 100 sentences from I-Ching are engraved by 100 famous engravers of Xi-Ling Engraving Club. These engravers are all top practitioners, representing top level in the industry. There are more than 100 types of Qingtian Chop Stone, including top quality types.

Each book has unique identification number, from 001-200. With global limited edition, it is rare with high value of collection.

This project was successfully funded by RMB560,000 on April 3rd, 2015.

Case Study (Charity) - Mothers Cistern Project

Mothers Cistern Project at Yaogou Mothers Cistern Project, is sponsored by All-China Women’s Federation, and implemented by China Women Development Foundation, for donation to repair/build cistern and small water supply facility in water scarcity area of North Western China, relieving poverty due to water shortage for people, especially women.

This project has been funded by RMB190,000, with 47 days remaining.

Case Study (Resources) - Shanghai Ying-Zheng-Hui Environmental Equipment Ltd.

Shanghai Ying-Zheng-Hui Environmental Equipment Ltd
Factory Building
Demand:10,000-20,000 sqm (Floor clearance 6-7m), coastal area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province Return: Base rental(1-2million)+ dividend Dividend: according to share percentage

Demand: 10-20 million Return: Preferred dividend Dividend: according to share percentage

Management Team
Demand: 10 people with experienced production management (for 100 people team) Return: staged bonus based on production volume