Introduction of WeChat

WeChat is a free instant messaging application released in 2011, by one of the largest Internet companies in the world, Tencent. As of the end of the first quarter of 2015, WeChat has been installed in over 90% of smartphones in China. The number of monthly active users has reached 549 million, while WeChat branded accounts have now hit 8 million. WeChat has become the most used messaging application in China since its inception in 2011.

WeChat User Statistics

WeChat Store

In 2014, WeChat launched its ‘WeChat Store.’ Anyone can now open a WeChat Store and sell their products through the mobile application. Any business owner can set up an online shelf and communicate with clients online. The introduction of the ‘WeChat Store’ shows that Tencent is leveraging its successful messaging application, to stage a challenge to the other ecommerce giants in China.

WeChat Social Influence

WeChat has increasingly become a part of the Chinese lifestyle. According to statistics in 2015, 55.2% of WeChat users check their accounts over 10 times a day, and almost 25%, over 30 times a day.

Active Daily Users on WeChat

WeChat Roadshow

The WeChat Roadshow is a brand promotion strategy that ChinaDirect Investment developed especially for clients who want to export products or services to China at the lowest cost. The first step of your WeChat Roadshow is to post some basic information about your project or product to generate interest. Next is to gather interested parties from China into an online group on WeChat. The third step is to do a prelaunch roadshow to test the market, and the product’s acceptability to the Chinese consumers. The final stage is to do the full roadshow. During the roadshow, we will then introduce the client’s company, brand and products to interested parties in China, that were successfully gathered from the online group.

ChinaDirect Investment helps clients export their business to China in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible, by grouping the interested parties from China through the WeChat Roadshow. The WeChat group capacity currently supports up to 500 users. This means 500 users can text, voice chat, share pictures and videos at the same time.

The benefits of using the ChinaDirect WeChat Roadshow are the following:
  1. Reach out to Chinese investors and buyers at minimum cost;
  2. Provide regular updates about your product to your Chinese investors and buyers;
  3. Share various types of information on WeChat, including text, pictures, videos and voice messages, etc.;
  4. Breakdown the language barrier. Enjoy the services of genuine interpreters through the ChinaDirect WeChat Roadshow. ChinaDirect interpreters are trained and ready to help clients communicate their thoughts accurately with investors and buyers in China.

Here is a list of what you can expect to spend for an onsite national roadshow, or what you can save using the ChinaDirect Online WeChat Roadshow.

An offline onsite national roadshow in China is extremely expensive. The costs include: transportation, accommodation and venue hire, etc. For example:
  1. The typical round trip airline ticket price from Australia to China will be over AUD 1500 for each person.
  2. Accommodations in China average AUD 150 a night in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
  3. The use of just one venue can range from AUD 700 - 2000 or more depending on your requirements.
  4. You also have to add in transportation costs and the cost of hiring a translator or interpreter.
  5. You must prepare for other contingency costs.
  6. One onsite roadshow could easily cost you more than AUD 10,000.

On the other hand, an online WeChat Roadshow doesn’t require you to actually be in China. There are no transportation, accommodation and venue costs at all!

Things you need to know and prepare for in a WeChat Roadshow:
  1. A one-page introduction of you with a photo;
  2. A PowerPoint presentation about your product, project and business suitable for a WeChat Roadshow;
  3. Speaker’s notes;
  4. Answers to frequently asked questions during the WeChat Roadshow;
  5. Charges for all document translations;
  6. One or two rehearsals or run-throughs before the official WeChat Roadshow.

With over 400,000 investors in our database and more than 1000 WeChat groups at hand, it is no wonder that the ChinaDirect Investment Online WeChat Roadshow, has delivered impressive results, that have exceeded all our customers’ expectations!

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Benefits of using WeChat Roadshow:

  • Reach out to a large number of Chinese investors and buyers directly with very little cost

  • Directly contact the Chinese customer when you want to and the way you want to

  • Regularly update the product information to the Chinese investors and buyers

  • Share various types of information on WeChat, including text, picture, video etc...

  • Interpreter for WeChat Roadshow ready to help our client to communicate with the Chinese investors and buyers, breaking down the language barriers.